BetVictor boasts a big selection of blackjack games on their online casino

There’s something for all kinds of blackjack players at BetVictor Casino from the casual newcomer to the seasoned veteran.

With a great introductory offer to get you started on BetVictor’s sleek online casino, it’s one of the best options out there for those of you looking for some virtual blackjack. There are also loads of other offers and promotions at BetVictor too.

Blackjack at BetVictor

Blackjack is the world’s most widely played casino game and it is one that has been played for hundreds of years. Although for much of this time the game needed a pack of cards and a playing surface, the growth in online casinos has changed this blackjack environment dramatically. Online betting sites such as BetVictor now let you play on smooth, reliable software on both your PC and mobile, ensuring you can play whenever the urge arises.

All of BetVictor’s blackjack games feature free-to-play demo versions allowing you to gain some familiarity with what’s on offer before you start playing with real money. The stakes can be as high or low as you want them to be. The lowest stakes game allows you to bet a minimum of 10p a round while another lets you bet up to £7,500. Some games specify the limit upfront while others you will need to load them up to find out what they are.

There are several varieties of blackjack to play, all with their slight variation in rules and ways of playing. The different types of blackjack include: Double, Double Exposure, Hi Lo, Sidebet and Euro. Key rules of the game will be clearly marked on the table during the game. For example the pay-out amount whenever you are lucky enough to get 21 right from the first two cards.

On top of the standard games, BetVictor also offers live blackjack to give customers more of a casino like feel to their blackjack experience. There is always a ride range of tables available, all with a unique dealer and with differing bet limits. BetVictor have been very keen to promote their range of live gambling options and they are now able to offer a top live blackjack experience featuring a high quality stream.

When browsing among the different blackjack variants, you will have the choice to order the games in several different ways from the most highly rated to the most highly played. There is a total of 14 to choose from so it may take you a little time to work out your favourite table to play.